White Papers & Thought Leadership

Compliance White Paper

Rethink the role of Compliance in your company. How is Harmony Technology Services approaching what is widely considered to be a burden on time and resources and turning it into an opportunity to maximize profits? Read how risk alleviation through better Compliance opens the door to better outcomes.

  • Learn the 6 benefits of a strong Compliance program, and the 8 negative consequences of a weak one.
  • Review the latest legislation and federal agencies that are driving Compliance today.
  • Examine the role of controls and the top formal Compliance programs.
  • Create your own blueprint for a successful Compliance program by following 6 prescribed tests.
  • Compare your company today against the 8 measures that define a strong Compliance program.


Cyber White Paper

In defending your company against an ever-changing source of attacks, your level of cybersecurity depends on three factors:

  • the risk you are willing to take
  • the robustness of the system in place
  • the costs you are prepared to pay

In this white paper, you will learn about what to consider along these fronts.

  • Build your risk awareness by reading about the 9 types of data hackers look to steal.
  • Get introduced to the 5 broad elements of effective cybersecurity system.
  • Learn how Harmony Technology Services and Active Canopy can manage your networks and prevent data losses across a range of enterprise network and cloud environments.


IT Asset Management

This white paper shares Harmony Technology Services’ vision for effective IT Asset Management – how it’s instrumental in avoiding unnecessary asset purchases while fully utilizing your existing resources.

Review the risks of inadequate attention to IT Asset Management.

  • Find out what’s really happening when your employees are accepting terms of software licensing agreements.
  • Learn why it’s more important to focus on software management than hardware management.
  • Consider the rewards for building solid IT asset management, including true understanding of your database environment, budgeting and total cost management.
  • See how this breadth of information will allow you to determine whether you have real growth opportunity.
  • Get introduced to Harmony Technology Services’ 4 steps of a systematized delivery approach, including initial assessment, project plan development, managed implementation and managed outsourcing.

Following the principles outlined in this paper will get you closer to the goal of using only what you’re paying for and not spending more than you need to on any IT assets.